“This book is life-altering.” 
Ato Boldon, Sprinter, four-time Olympic medalist

“...its spiritual ending is both joyful and life-giving.” 
—Lynn Johnston, Cartoonist, For Better or for Worse 

“Whether we are soaring on the wings of success or struggling to keep our head above the water, this precious book helps us focus on what matters most. This is an invaluable resource that can help us appreciate each day, in the best of times, the worst of times and the moments in between.” 
—Sheila Copps, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada 

“...a sensitive and heartfelt expression of the essentials of life...affirming the ability of the human spirit to overcome and to pursue one’s unlimited potential.”
—Dr. Ken Marek, Clinical Psychologist

“This gem of a book contains insights that can lift us out of bad days and make the good days even better. The very act of reading this book is a reward in itself, for it provides a passageway to our true selves.”
—Azim Jamal, International Speaker and Author of The Corporate Sufi and the best-seller 7 Steps to Lasting Happiness

“A most refreshing collection of thoughts and approaches to dealing with life’s many challenges...brimming with positivity and valuable ‘snippets’ to help you face the world with a smile.” 
—Cindy Woods, Editor, The Standard

“If you’ve ever wondered why good things happen to happy people but why people who already have the blues keep getting more of them, Journey to Joy is for you.” 
—Peter Carter, former senior editor, Chatelaine

“Celia Sankar sifts the spiritual from the mundane as she befriends us on a journey, that may not on the surface seem very glamorous, but that gives us exactly what we need: a way to achieve a sustainable source of joy daily through our relationships with ourselves, God, and with others.”
—Dr. Nancy Rebellato, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

“Candid, thoughtful, spiritually uplifting. For anyone who has lost, felt pain, grieved, been afraid, lonely, here is an opportunity to take a breath and to feel refreshed.”
—Ken Bondy, Lawyer and former priest

Journey to Joy provides readers with meditations, motivational messages, affirmations and directions for exercises that can help them understand, love and care for themselves.” 
Northern Life

“Celia’s beautiful book is a reminder of the power of simplicity and the simplicity of power — both personal and universal.” 
—Mark Bryan, Author of The Artist’s Way at Work: Riding the Dragon and Codes of Love: How to Rethink Your Family and Remake Your Life

“Although written as a balm for her despair — and others in grieving or mourning moments of their lives — the remarkable tight assessments of everyday life have a hint of spice for every reader. Not a traditional self-help book, it is written in the first person and lists positive affirmations in as little as a paragraph, to a page, as a sort of refresher course for the soul.” 
The Barrie Examiner

“Definitely worth the read.”
Jonni O'Connor, Ph.D

“...an intelligent, frank, and loving ladder out of the pit of despair. Grab hold and pull yourself up.” 
—Jennifer Louden, Author of The Woman’s Comfort Book

“Sankar shows the process that unlocks the truths which can take us out of the darkness into the light of joy.” 
—Barbara Lewis-Marco, Author of Stumbling Toward Enlightenment, An Illustrated Crisis Companion

“The book helps people to better understand and care for themselves....” 
The Sault Star

“This is a book you can pick up anytime and no matter if you read one small section or a few pages, it is full of richness and encouragement on our daily journey to know ourselves and our loving God.”
—Sister Diane Guertin, Hospital Pastoral Care Director

“Despairing and down on your luck? Try Sankar's pluck for a pick-me-up. Sankar invites, encourages and directly inspires readers to use her journal as a pathway home to the heart and soul of themselves.”
—Suzanne Grenager, Life Coach and SpiritSite.com columnist

“...a tool-kit for a journey in self-discovery: a return to a self-confident image, anticipating the future and its opportunities for a joyful life.”
—Barbara Fazekas, Librarian

“Sankar offers us enlightenment, a worthwhile challenge and a realm of new possibilities. The book opened up for me an opportunity to look deeper within, to seek congruity in all parts of my life and to continue to strive to be honest with myself.”
—Daniel Robitaille, High School Teacher

“I bought your book at Costco, while you were there. I am thankful to have mine signed. I took your book home that day and started reading right away, on the bus on the way home. It brought me to tears and even though I was surrounded by complete strangers it didn't seem to matter that tears were rolling slowly down my face. I really didn't care who saw. It brought me there because I was amazed at how closely you identified with every feeling I have felt in one life time. I felt like FINALLY somebody has words to explain and describe everything we feel 'in the meantime.' It was a gigantic relief.”

“I was seeking Christmas gifts for those I love and I knew I was meant to buy your book. The three people who received this wonderful gift were overjoyed by the encouragement it brought to them and will reap the benefits for a long time to come. Thank you for letting God use your life to help others.”
—Janine Zeck, Artist and Homemaker

“L’ouvrage propose un cheminement clair et concis qui conduit à la découverte et à l’estime de soi ainse qu’à l’acceptation heureuse de l’autre.” 
Le Voyageur