Why does joy seem so elusive? We all want peace and happiness, but often that’s not what we get.

Life was meant to be a wonderful experience. You don’t have to settle for less.

In this warm, comforting book, inspirational writer Celia Sankar takes readers through a proven and effective programme of discovering and loving themselves and living happily with others.

Journey to Joy is a compendium of over 125 motivational messages, affirmations and inspirational thoughts compiled as the author traveled her own path to selfhood. This is an invaluable resource for people at a crossroads in life; it takes readers through the major stages in recovery from life's traumatic experiences. 

These meditations and affirmations comprise a program to enable you to master the thoughts and feelings in your life and, therefore, create the joyful existence you desire.

Journey to Joy can help you to:

*  Break free of a painful past

*  Find peace within yourself

*  Make all your relationships loving

*  Grow in confidence

*  Discover the power within you to
    overcome all obstacles

*  Find your purpose

*  Define and achieve a successful life

Get ready to say good-bye to worries about job security or your financial future. Move on and up from that painful divorce. Prep yourself for that stunning career or loving relationship you know you deserve. There is a path to prosperity and peace.

We all know the pain of losing something that is dear to us, that meant the world to us. When that precious something is taken from us, life loses its savor and it may become difficult for us to make it through the day.

Through passages that speak directly to the soul, readers of Journey to Joy are liberated to rage against their loss, whatever it may be, until they finally accept the reality of it. In Journey to Joy, Sankar takes the readers further, to a place of peace and joy, where they can appreciate the lessons that painful experiences offer. 

Journey to Joy encourages readers to learn to accept, love and honor themselves. It shows how to find a new direction in life, how to live in harmony with others and how to become attuned to one's spiritual self.

If you've always felt there should be more to life, if you have been searching for a better way, then this is a book you must read.

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Quotation marksThe very act of reading this book is a reward in itself, for it provides a passageway to our true selves.

Azim Jamal, author of "The Corporate Sufi" and the bestselling "Seven Steps to Lasting Happiness"

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