101 Ways To Add Joy To Your Life

Publisher: Damascus Press

ISBN: 978-0-9689109-2-4

Version: E-book



We are living through trying times, with a high level of stress related to work or unemployment and economic uncertainty that often spills over into our personal lives. This has led to staggering rates of depression, anger and emotional turmoil. 

Yet in the midst of it all, you can experience peace and abundant joy, if you use proven and timeless techniques to access your wellspring of happiness, says Canadian bestselling inspirational author Celia Sankar.

In 101 Ways to Add Joy to Your Life, Sankar provides suggestions that you can immediately apply to your life; these are sometimes forgotten or overlooked techniques generations have used to get through the worst of times and to make the best of times even better.

The suggested actions and thinking patterns have provided many with instantaneous access to a state of mind in which they feel peace and hope, which is the starting point for anyone who wants to laugh easily and to experience real, lasting joy.

Says Sankar, author of the Canadian bestseller Journey to Joy: “When we are happy, we are energized; we are better able to size up our challenges; we become more creative in finding solutions; and we are imbued with optimism that drives us forward to conquer the day.”

In these pages, you will find visual humour and soothing images that can prompt smiles and maybe even belly laughs, and can stimulate feelings of joy and serenity. But you will get more out of this book if you go beyond simply reading it and actually incorporate activities suggested here, as they apply to your situation. 101 Ways to Add Joy to Your Life is a call to action; it encourages us to step up and claim our joy, which we deserve and which is readily available to us — every day, no matter what happens.